2021 Chinese New Year Special

2021 Chinese New Year Special

We curated flavours we would enjoy during Chinese New Year! As everyone knows, the weather CNY has to offer is extremely hot!! This collection had ;-

Raspberry Lychee Rose
Vanilla Almond Sable filled with Raspberry Rose Custard topped with Lychee Jelly, Fresh Lychee, dried rose petals and sliver leaf

Pineapple Coconut
Vanilla Almond Sable layered with homemade Pineapple Jam filled with Pineapple Mousse topped with Coconut Cremuex, Chocolate Money Boat

Valrhona Opalys Matcha
Vanilla Almond Sable filled with Opalys Matcha Ganache layered with Matcha Glasie and topped with Opalys Cream

Honey Mandarin Orange
Vanilla Almond Sable filled with Honey Custard layered with Mandarin Orange Jelly topped with Light Orange Cream, Mandarin Collar Cookie, Gold leaf and dried zest

We were extremely happy with the response we received from this collection.

Once again, we thank every Sweetie that enjoyed this collection!

Stay tuned for next year's collection!

Much Love,

Prosperity Tart Box

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