Delivery Information

 delivery services are managed by a third party vendor LaLaMove. The drivers do not represent our brand, Real Sweet Treats. 

To ensure a successful delivery please read below.

1. Ensure all details is given accurately. (Once details of Recipient & Buyer is entered into our system it cannot be changed without prior notice) 

2. Delivery Address

The buyer is required to check that the full, complete address is correct before proceeding with the order.
The ‘Address’ section is where the full address as found on Google Maps is entered.

Note: Please include unit number and block in the address section for the driver’s reference for ease of finding the address, or if the security guard requires the unit number, etc. Delivering to the unit is not included for deliveries to high-rise or multi-storied buildings. 

3. Recipient is available, present to receive their order. 

All orders are arranged to arrive within the chosen time slot. However,

Factors that affect or may cause early arrivals or delays in deliveries:

1. Availability of drivers
2. Traffic conditions / Weather conditions.
3. Unforeseen circumstances / Natural disasters.
4. Circumstances beyond our control.

Buyers are advised to select a time slot with these possibilities taken into account.

We do not help to ensure that recipients are home before delivering the order. Buyers need to ensure that the recipient will be home before selecting a date and time on our website and proceeding with the order.

While we try our best to arrange orders to arrive within the chosen time slot, Real Sweet Treats will not be held responsible for any early arrivals or delays of delivery due to any of the reasons above or because of any circumstances impacting the availability of the 3rd party drivers we use and anything else outside of our control. Please opt for self-pickup or select an available earlier/later time slot if you cannot risk the items arriving earlier or later than a chosen time frame.

4. If recipient’s delivery address is in high-rise buildings etc, Please note

Delivering to the unit number of high-rise buildings and multi-storied buildings is not provided in our delivery partner's services. Drivers will only pass the cake to the recipient at the drop-off point/lobby/ground floor of the building where the area is accessible by car with no parking required.

High-rise buildings and multi-storied buildings include, but are not limited to:

1. Apartments
2. Condominiums
3. Shopping malls
4. Multi-storied shop lots
5. Hospitals
6. Restaurants
7. Hotels
Drivers will call on arrival at the location. If the recipient is unreachable or delivery is unsuccessful, a fee for Driver to return order to us will be imposed.

Drivers will only leave the items on the delivery drop-off table, at the guardhouse, at the receptionist etc. only with the consent of the recipient/someone on behalf of the recipient. Where items have been requested/consented to be left somewhere, it is understood and accepted that the recipient/someone on their behalf is aware of the items' fragile condition.

Real Sweet Treats will not take any responsibility over the item's condition once the item is being left.

Please take note that once delivery is confirmed and sucessful, Real Sweet Treats  will not be held liable for any damages that may occur during the delivery process.

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