The rising of a Cake Boss | A Father's Day tribute

The rising of a Cake Boss | A Father's Day tribute

“A Father loves completely, gives quietly, teaches gently and inspires deeply...”
Renee Soliano Tan, the cake boss of Real Sweet Treats shares her heartfelt story which was perfect to honour Father’s Day coming up in a week’s time. It wasn’t easy to paint the idea of living a life in the absence of a father since she was eight, yet she courageously braved through the challenges of not just making a living but living her dreams despite the challenges, setbacks, heartaches and failures. All that, thanks to her late father, blessing her even from above, with endless encouragement and support from the friends and family around her. 💗

When was the last time we paused for a moment and come to a realisation of how blessed we actually are? To have the first man - our dads who silently love us forever to bits and hustle hard with both their hands, sweat and tears to provide only the best for the family.
Happy Father’s Day to all unique fathers in the world.

-My Weekend Plan 

Know a little bit more about our Cake Boss Renee, in our interview with My Weekend Plan. Click on the link below to watch, 


Much Love,

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