our Mid Autumn special 2021

our Mid Autumn special 2021

This collection was a very exciting and nerve wracking to launch and produce as it was the first time we introduced different types of patisseries such as Mousse and Paris Brest. We are extremely proud of the success this collection has brought us. Here's the composition of each patisserie. We can't wait for our next collection!!! Please stay tuned!

Black Sesame & Hazlnut Paris Brest
circle of choux filled with black sesame  diplomat cream (featuring our homemade toasted black sesame paste) and hazelnut praline topped with Craquelin and edible flowers with hints of toasted hazelnuts!

Calamansi Cheesecake
a declicate chilled tangy cheesecake with a base made from the classic brown butter graham cracker crust with hints of salted caramel pearls! Topped with Calamansi Jelly for that extra zing!

Matcha Red Bean
a lush Opalys Matcha Mousse, (using organic matcha imported from Japan) filled with our homemade Red Bean Paste! ( we did so many different methods to achieve a silky and smooth texture ! Happy to say we did it!) sitting on top of a matcha sable.

Purple Sweet Potato Tart
the only tart in this collection! Sable filled with almond cream brushed with maple syrup and topped with Sweet Potato Cream (that has been triple check to ensure no  fibres pass through!) and Chantily!

Please be sure to follow us on our social media to find out when will we launch a new festive collection!

Last but not least, Thank you to all our lovely Sweeties for the continuous support and love given! We retrieved a tremendous amount of love for this!

Much love,

Emerald Moon

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